Classification Survey – Girls Coaches

One of the topics that was discussed this summer was possibly allowing for more classes in several sports, including basketball.  Despite having a BCAT sponsored proposal, the TSSAA chose not to expand the class system in the state.  We thought we would ask the coaches and we received 119 replies on the girls side with 62.2% saying they should expand, almost 7% higher than boys coaches.classification-survey-girls

Many coaches commented that expansion was necessary but maybe not to six classes.  Many coaches also voiced their displeasure that football has six classes.

Some pro-expansion comments were as follows:

  • I understand expansion to 4 classes, but 6 is too many. Not everyone needs to state championship trophy.
  • More schools play basketball than football, and they have 6 classes. If 6 classes isn’t good for us then it shouldn’t be good for them.
  • Start with 4 first-then see how things go. If all goes well then maybe move to 6.
  • Maybe not 6 classes, but there definitely needs to be more than 3. Why can’t the classifications be the same across the board in all sports? I guess that makes to much sense.
  • Because every decision they make is all about football!!
  • As it is now some districts have schools with 500 students and schools with 1100 students in the same district.
  • I think there should be four Division I classifications and two in Division II. If you look at AAA you have some schools that have 1000 students and others with close to 2500 (2.5 times bigger).
  • Yes. BTW and Mitchell should be in a large schools division away from the smaller schools.
  • Football has twice the classifications with far less teams. It’s time basketball coaches stand up to the TSSAA and refuse to take NO for an answer. They have given us no choice (through lack of representation) but to make changes through the BOC election process. We mistakenly sit back and trusted them to do the right thing for way too long and it hasn’t worked!
  • Hopefully the TSSA will listen to the Basketball Coacjes like they did football. This is their chance to prove they don’t only care about football and “their” money.

Some anti-expansion comments:

  • Waters down the title of “championship.”
  • To many state champions.
  • I wish there were no classes and everyone competed for one championship – look at the state of KY and their high school basketball – no matter the size of the school, there is only one state champion!!! Public and private are all together and play for one winner!!!!

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