June 14-16th, Gallatin Boys Team Camp

Gallatin High is hosting it’s 20th Annual Boys Basketball Team Camp June 14-15-16 (Wed-Thur.-Fri). Games will be played from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, so we can meet the time frame you need.  All games will be played according to TSSAA rules except we play four 10-minute, running time quarters (stop last 1:00) and their are no foul outs.  We use TSSAA certified officials.  We have teams from all classifications/strengths, so we can meet your scheduling needs.  We average over 30 schools annually.  To reserve your spot, please send a $100, non-refundable deposit to GHS Boys Basketball.
Team Fees:
VARSITY-$450 (3 games daily, 9 games total) 
JV/FRESHMEN-$300 (2 games daily, 6 games total)
*We can schedule more/less games/days for your team at rate of $50 per game.

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