Lebanon Team Camp

Lebanon High School would like to invite you to its 2018 Girls’  Basketball Team Camp. We had 46 schools in attendance last year.  Our team camp dates are June 10-12.  June 10 games will start no earlier than 2pm.  You can play 1, 2, or all 3 days. No individual player fees.  Registration deposit per team is $100 (non-refundable) which will be credited to the total cost of camp.  The price for 8 varsity games will be $350 and for 5 Junior Varsity/Freshman Games will be $225.  If you wish to play a different amount of games the price breakdown is attached and we will work with you on scheduling.  We are also taking junior high/middle school teams to play as well and that fee is $30 a game.  We currently have 3 middle school teams committed and will match those up first before you play single A/small school freshman/jv teams.  Reserve your spot today as we expect it to fill up fast.  Please contact me with any questions or scheduling requests.  Make checks payable to Lebanon High School.  We are also offering overnight stay in classrooms at LHS for a minimal fee to offset cleanup costs.

Contact Coach Barrett at barrettc@wcschools.com

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