Mt. Juliet/LaVergne Summer League

8th Annual Golden Bear/Wolverine basketball summer league at Mt. Juliet High School and LaVergne High School.


The dates at Mt Juliet will be June 11-12 and June 18-19.  The dates at LaVergne will be May 31 and June 4-5.    Each team you enter will play two games each night.  Cost will be $10 per player per night.  We will schedule games for varsity teams and JV/9th grade.  You can pick as many nights as you want to play (Teams in the past have played one night or 5 nights.  You choose).

Please make checks to Mt.Juliet Basketball or LaVergne basketball, depending on where you play.

The same setup and rules will be used at both places.  Teams can choose to play as many nights as they wish.


Game rules:

*All games will be two 16 minute halves, clock will run regular

*Half time will be two minutes long

*Each team will get 2 30 second timeouts per half

*Over time will be 1 minute and start with a jump ball, everything past the first OT will be sudden death

*One shot fouls will be shot after 10 team fouls.

*All 2 shot fouls will be one free throw.  A FT make equals 2 points, a miss is played live

*All games will have 2 refs

*We will use 2 courts in the main gym (curtain in between) and the auxiliary gym (full size court) at Mt Juliet.

*Games will be played in the main gym and in the small gym at     LaVergne.

We will try to have all of the games scheduled as early as possible.  We will schedule on a first come first serve basis.  Let me know what dates you want to play.

***Please keep all of your players out of the main building of the school***

Games will be scheduled at 1:00-2:00-3:00-4:00-5:00-6:00-7:00-8:00


Troy Allen


Jeremy Moore

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